Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Photoshop is the most important software for Designer, there are a lots of tricks & trips that help us to make a wonderful design easily.  In this articles that tricks will be discussed in a series , hope it will be mostly helpful for designer specially for  beginners.

01.  Bird’s Eye View

When zoomed in close, hold down H and drag in the image to instantly dart out to full screen then jump back to another area. One of the best Photoshop tips for viewing work!

02.   full Layer Masks quickly.
Clicking  Alt-click on the Layer Mask icon to add a full mask that hides everything on the layer.

03.  Marquee selections

Hold down Alt to start a selection point at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around.

 04.  Color Code Layers

Use color coding to organize your Layers Panel. Right-click over a layer’s eye icon & then quickly access 8 color code choices.

05.  Spring-loaded Move

While using any tool, hold Cmd/Ctrl to temporarily switch to the Move tool. Release to go back to your original tool.

06. View one layer

If you’re working with multiple layers and you want to view one layer on its own, there’s no need to hide all the others manually, simply hold down Alt and click the Eye icon of a layer to make every other layer invisible. Hold down Alt and click again to reveal them.


07. Invert a Layer Mask

After adding any Adjustment Layer, hit Cmd/Ctrl+I to invert the Layer Mask and quickly hide the effect, then paint back over the image with white to selectively reveal the adjustment.


08. Unlink layers and masks

You can move either a mask or an image independently of one another by clicking the link between the two thumbnails in the Layers Panel. Highlight the thumbnail you want to reposition, then grab the Move tool.


09. Quick copy

Hold down Alt and drag a mask, style or layer to
quickly duplicate it


10. Interactive Zoom

For interactive zooming, hold Cmd/Ctrl+Space then drag right to zoom in, or left to zoom out. The zoom targets where your mouse icon is, so it’s one of the quickest ways to navigate around an image.

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